On Sunday mornings, we hold down the couch and watch church online.  It is definitely different than what we are used to, but it allows for a bit of family chit chat during the service – without the usual elbow nudge and glare for “talking in church” 😉.  We listened to a correlation made between the growing process of plants and growing peace.  One of the kids piped up and said “I know why you started a greenhouse: to create peace!  You grow plants for peace.”  …mic drop.  end of story.  I think we are finished here.

Are plants the answer for World Peace?  Probably not.  But it sure is fun to pretend for a minute.  Peace is a mindset, it is determined by what we focus on, it comes out in us when we control our anxiety and let go of our high expectations.

Can plants help us create peaceful environments?  Absolutely.  Having plants around is a form of natural aesthetic beauty, which is soothing to people (where are all the Grey’s Anatomy fans – how about that new plant mood room for the staff to unwind?!)  Plant life decreases anxiety and blood pressure.  Here at Family Flowers, we have visitors who would come to the greenhouse just to walk around: people on their lunchbreak looking for a quick few minutes of tranquility, people trying to escape winter and spend hours relaxing in the “tropics”.  We have even had requests to move in to the greenhouse 😊 and regular guests who have recently lost loved ones and could find peace by walking around the greenhouse.  (Disclaimer: we miss you all and look forward to being able to safely open up our space to you again!)

Here are the top 5 plants we have chosen to create your own peaceful environment:

  1. Peace Lily: the top pick for obvious reasons – “Peace” is in it’s name!  But also for it’s elegant foliage and white flowers.  Peace lilies are know as the bringers of peace because the white spath flower represents a white flag, which is worldly recognized as a truce signal to stop fighting.  Peace lilies help clean the air and provide a sense of harmony.
  2. Jade Plants: are feng shui approved and are really easy to care for.  According to feng shui ideology, a sense of peace from within comes from the environment in which one lives. Jade plants don’t need a lot of water, care or maintenance and can live for hundreds of years indoors.  Jade plants create a natural, well balanced indoor environment.
  3. Philodendron: this heart shaped leaf plant is popular in lounge areas, conservatories and many homes.  They are long lasting, low maintenance and are excellent at absorbing formaldehyde to clean the air.  Their trailing habit lends to a tropical jungle feel, as they casually drape down from shelves and windowsills.
  4. Lucky Bamboo: these are a popular choice for a small corner or sill.  They will survive in water, and they can also be rooted and planted in soil.  The number of Lucky Bamboo stalks represents good fortune – 3 stalks = happiness, wealth and long life; 5 stalks = wealth and good luck; 7 stalks = good health.
  5. Palm Tree: especially now, when a tropical trip isn’t an option, you can bring the vacation vibes home with your own little palm tree.  Palms clean the air and add fresh energy to your living space.  Staring at them may even spark memories of a peaceful time, relaxing on the beach…

Peace is not problem free living, or an absence of conflict – it is navigating through what comes our way without worry.  Creating a calm place for our kids to grow up, our elderly to relax, and ourselves to unwind in is a step in the right direction.  Plants help with that.  And we will help you by offering quick and contactless curbside pickup for all your plants and pots.  Visit us online at shop.familyflowers.ca to find your favourites.

Wishing you peace, happiness and lots of plants,