Our Mission

It is our aim to produce quality products at fair prices, to provide efficient and polite service to our customers in a relaxing and pleasant environment and offer employment in a professional and friendly surrounding. It is our desire to enrich the quality of life of our customer, staff and community through the beauty and enjoyment of plants and flowers. We hope to convey the fun of gardening to the young and old alike.

Growing with You


Thank you for considering Family Flowers as your next stop for all your home and garden living wants and needs!  We are open all year round, Monday to Saturday and we take pride in growing all our crops right here.  When you stop in, you can choose from a wider selection of professionally grown, local plants and living products.
Our plants enjoy monitored growth, controlled temperatures, fresh air and natural light and you can shop right from the growing tables.  These conditions produce healthier plants and are a better investment than those that have been shipped on trucks for days, or those that sit on carts in warehouses, or plants that are in department stores under fluorescent lights and irregularly watered and fertilized.

And we are so much more than plants and flowers!  Family Flowers has pottery for indoors and outdoors available all year round, tropical plants and houseplants to clean the air, as well as a full line of plant care products.  Family Flowers is wheelchair, walker, stroller and family friendly throughout the greenhouses and the parking lot.

Treat yourself to a relaxing stop at Family Flowers – you will be glad you did!

What our Customers are saying

I wanted to let you know that we are absolutely thrilled with the poinsettias this year! I am so glad we chose your company! They are the most beautiful plants we have had in over 20 years of ordering. We definitely will be ordering from you again next season.


Adorable place! Love those goats!


My grand daughters had a great time at Family Flowers!! The scavenger hunt and the animals were their favourite! I bought them a Venus Fly Trap and they are so excited to see it in action!


You give us hope that spring will actually happen!


I came to your Fall Porch Pot workshop on Saturday with my Mom and Grandparents, and we had a great time! Thank you for being so accommodating. Our pots look fantastic!


..we love Family Flowers! Our 3 year olds always love going to the “animal flower store”!


… the poinsettia in my bathroom is STILL alive. Usually all I have to do is look at a plant and it withers and dies. Family Flowers .. I salute you!”


Your location looks wonderful..thanks for lighting up the community and making us all smile!

We used to shop at two other garden centres in the area, then ‘Siri’ helped us find you!  What a gem we have found!  We come to Family Flowers now because your pricing and selection are much better.

Thank you so much for letting us take part in the Poinsettia Fundraiser this year.  Being a brand new school, we weren’t sure how it would turn out.  It proved to be VERY successful!!  It was a pleasure to work with you and we hope to do it again next year!

Mary Y.

I try to stop in a few times a month to take pictures and I really look forward to it.  I brought my kids with me to visit the animals and started snapping a few pictures and they started asking me about different plants.  They are totally obsessed with them now.  Our house is filling with aloe plants, venus fly traps and a bunch of others.  Thank you for being a special part of our family!

Carrie H.

My favourite garden centre in town!  I love to wander in your greenhouse on a really cold winter day and enjoy the ‘steaminess’ as I check out your decor items and your tropical plants!

Joanne H.

I want to thank you for another successful fundraiser – the plants were absolutely beautiful, as they have been every year.  The delivery truck arrived right at 2pm and we were able to sort the 457 plants before the school day ended!  So many parents walked out of the gym admiring the quality of the plants.

Kyla D.

Everyone at Family Flowers was amazingly friendly and it has a great welcoming atmosphere.  You deserve the great reputation you have!

Mary W.

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